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Saudi geological center denies Jeddah earthquake warnings

(Arab News) - JEDDAH: The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) denied social media allegations that an earthquake warning was issued for the city of Jeddah.

Through its official twitter account, the authority verified that no ground tremors have been detected and also confirmed that the National Center for Earthquakes and Volcanoes, part of SGS, had not detected any seismic activity in Jeddah either.
The statements comes amid rumors that circulated on social media claiming that a warning had been issued for an earthquake, measuring from three to 5.5 on the richter scale, according to various unconfirmed sources.
The Makkah governorate urged citizens and residents not to believe all the rumors they view online and asserted the need for people to trust viable information from accurate sources.
Meanwhile, SGS continued its earthquakes and volcanic awareness and education campaign in Riyadh to educate student about the natural phenomena, how to deal with earthquakes before, during and after their occurrence and show them the role of the National Center for Erathquakes and Volcanoes in monitoring and tracking seismic activity In the Kingdom.


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