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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Somalia - Night air travel returns to Mogadishu

(BBC) - After 27 years, night air travel has resumed in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, as peace and stability slowly returns to the city.

Last night, the first commercial flight carrying many passengers including the country's finance minister flew from Mogadishu's Adan Abdulle International Airport to Nairobi.

In the past few months, Somalia has been renovating the airport in an attempt to have it operating 24 hours a day.

As the country emerges from more than two decades of civil war and struggles with attacks from Islamist millitants, many Somalis from the diaspora are returning to the country to help the economy.

"This night air travel will reduce the congestion because the airport is overwhelmed during the day," state-owned Radio Mogadishu quoted Somalia's Transport and Aviation Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omar as saying.

In December last year, Somalia regained control of its airspace from the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which had been controlling it from its regional office in Nairobi since the country plunged into civil war.