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Somaliland - Man jailed in Burao for promising to form Saahil State

(Medeshi) - Somaliland – A man was jailed yesterday in Burao for promising to declare Saahil State in Somaliland. 

Suliman Ibrahim Mohumed declared last week that he would form a separate Saahil State in Somaliand unless both the Foreign minister and the ambassador to the UAE resign. He accused them of corruption and mishandling of Berbera port management.
He has also demanded that DPWorld expelled from the country.
Mr. Suliman gave the government an ultimatum of one week to fulfil his demands or else he would declare the separate State.
He is currently held in Hargeisa  prison waiting for sentencing after he was moved from Burao this moring. The government spokesman told the press that it is a crime to declare a separatist State in Somaliland and that Mr. Suliman will be charged for that crime.


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