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May 2, 2018

Somaliland - Hargeisa University Oxygenated Gasoline Technical Review

The University Of Hargeisa in collaboration with SOLASUD organization held an event in entitled “Oxygenated Gasoline
– Technical Review” which the keynote speaker was Eng. Ahmed Abdishakur Omar who is a lecturer at the College Of Applied & Natural Science in University Of Hargeisa, he addressed the claimed contaminated patrol incident in the Republic of Somaliland.

“There is no such thing as contaminated patrol in Somaliland, Our patrol The Oxygenated Gasoline that is Isn’t Contaminated, it is actually environmentally friendly” was his core point.

In an interview Eng. Ahmed Abdishakur Omar did with the University Of Hargeisa communications staff he stated that:

The problem with Oxygenated Gasoline is that if exposed to humidity in the least amount it will suck the humidity in air and settle into a phase separation in which it separates into water and gasoline therefore harming automobiles. It absorbs water from the humidity.

Oxygenated Gasoline converts carbon monoxide which is toxic to carbon dioxide which makes it environmentally friendly, the only problem is due the fact that it is new we haven’t gotten used to how to properly handle it while working with it.

Eng. Ahmed Abdishakur Omar proposed the following solutions to the problem of separation:

Controlling the exposure of the Oxygenated Gasoline to humidity.
Blending a conventional gasoline with the oxygenated gasoline
Adding chemical additives
Washing out the water created due the exposure to humidity with water and then adding octane enhancers.
He emphasized the first solution of  “Controlling the exposure of the Oxygenated Gasoline to humidity” as being the best one.

The event was attended by major petrol importers, government officials and University Of Hargeisa students.
Source: University of Hargeisa