Pontus Marine LTD- Leader of fishing industry in Somaliland

Saturday, June 15, 2019

10 Kenyan police officers killed in blast near Somalia


Friday, June 14, 2019

New dam brings water to dry Puntland villages

(ERGO) – A newly built dam in northern Somalia’s drought-ravaged Nugal region is giving a reprieve to thousands of families who have lived through perennial water shortages.

Kenya- Lawyer Ahmednassir fears possible clashes after Fatuma Gedi’s assault by Wajir MP

(Medeshi) - Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has now come out to react after Wajir East Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim assaulted Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi at the Parliament parking lot.

Brussels - Missing Somali teen

(Medeshi)- A week after the Antwerp public prosecutor launched an investigation concerning Samira Rage, only one tip has received about the missing 18-year-old, according to reports.

Western oil exploration in Somalia may spark conflict

(Medeshi)- Experts say the Somali constitution gives considerable autonomy to regional governments to enter commercial oil deals.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Somaliland: Drought Emergency Plan of Action

(RW)- Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

Saudi Arabia to open 1st Halal Night club in Jeddah

Dubai and Beirut nightclub brand White will open as a high-end café and lounge in Jeddah

Two oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman - photos

(MSN)- Two oil tankers have caught fire after being attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Somaliland- We welcome Abaarso Tech and encourage it to be replicated in the country

(Medeshi)- We welcome Abaarso Tech and other educational entities that will help our people to catch up with the rest of the world.

Yemen's Houthis strike Saudi airport

DUBAI (Reuters) - The Saudi-led military coalition vowed to respond firmly to a missile attack by Yemeni Houthi forces on a civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday that wounded 26 people.

Internet Shutdown in Sudan

(Medeshi)- Sudanese authorities have shut down internet access to limit news of attacks by armed elements against people standing up for democracy, and to prevent peaceful protesters from organizing in Sudan.

Top US commander visit Mogadishu, affirms support on the war against Shabaab

(Medeshi)- NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 12- Somalia is set to get continued support from the United States Government, as they seek to restore stability after decades of anarchy.

Australia - Somali refugee sets self on fire at Manus Island amid 'mental health crisis'

(Medeshi)- A Somali refugee has set himself on fire on Manus Island, amid claims of a worsening mental health crisis at the detention centre.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Advocates gather to support Somali man detained in NJ ICE facility for 18 months

(Medeshi)- About three dozen supporters gathered outside a detention facility in Elizabeth on Tuesday morning

Ethiopia - Somali Region Now To Get 50% Of Oil Revenue

Ethiopia’s House of Federation (Upper House) passed a bill that’ll give Somali region 50% of oil revenue from the Somali region.

Somali refugee turned lord mayor of Sheffield makes case against Brexit - Video

Former Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid, famous for 'banning' Trump makes the case against Brexit

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saudi Arabia - WWE wrestling grips Jeddah residents - Video

JEDDAH: Fifty World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars packed Al-Jowhara Stadium

Saudi Arabia - Visa in 3 minutes for Jeddah Season visitors

Saudi Gazette report

UK opens army training facility for Somali forces

The UK officially opened a training facility in Somalia on Saturday for the Somali National Army (SNA), as the Horn of African country readies to take up security responsibilities.

Somaliland Education Leadership -- Can Abaarso be an example?

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY (HOL) - A conference held at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY during 8-9 June 2019 covered variety of issues related to Somali/Somaliland education leadership.